I always wanted to...01

Photographeroscar AMORÓS
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCadaques, Spain
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoAdvertising campaign
Entry Description

I ALWAYS WANTED TO... portraits of the aspirations or forgotten whishes that people have and never make. It's a try to change the concept of advertising putting people or TARGET as the main character of the advertising campaign. All photos are from real people, not models, who made their dream real one day thanks to this project, making people happy makes life a little better and when they are happy, then they will "consume" if they want as it's own desicion. Final work of a Master in Advertising Photography & Image Retouch, IDEP Barcelona.

About Photographer

Hi this is Oscar Amorós, I'm catalan profesional Fine Art Adphotographer (www.oamoros.com) Master in Advertising photography & Image Treatment at University IDEP in Barcelona, My final tesis work was honored with a 9,20 over 10 In my fineart works analogies have been always my passion and good part of the photography that I do it has relation, basically the objects that I find for the way me inspire abstract and symbolic concepts that I try to transmit with the photography