PhotographerChan Dick
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Photo Date2015 June
Entry Description

Our brain is programmed to distinguish between the real and the unreal. When the unreal blends into the reality, however, it's not always easy to judge. In the end, we would simply believe in what we think is real. Or perhaps, what we want the reality to be.

About Photographer

Chan Dick loved to draw at a young age. He went on to study graphic design, and first began involved in photography when given his graduation assignment. As a still-life and architectural photographer, he is devoted to creating personal works, often touching on social issues and everyday life discoveries. He has held 7 solo photography exhibitions to date. While fascinated by simple lines and minimalistic compositions, Chan Dick?s works tend to embark on the ambiguous attraction between reality and illusion.