Nicosia's shadows

CompanyPhileleftheros Group
PhotographerStefanos Kouratzis
Prize2nd Place in Special / Other_S
Entry Description

Early morning in Nicosia, while walking to work, shadows create new forms of what is known

About Photographer

Stefanos Kouratzis was born in Athens in 1975 and in the last few years he has been working for the “Phileleftheros” group.He has been living and working in Cyprus since 2001, and in that time he has collaborated with multiple international media and News Agencies. He also traveled and recorded events and stories in various countries like Cuba, Lebanon, Palestine and Iran. For his work he has received international awards and distinctions from organizations such as IPA, PX3, Fujifilm EuroPress Awards etc. His photos are in books and private collections, while one can visit his site where it can be seen how his work balances between the coverage of daily events and the small details that usually escape our attention.