The Prostitutes and the Priest

  • Photographer
    Christian Bobst
  • Prize
    3rd Place / Moving Images/Moving Images
  • Date of Photograph
    October 2008 - July 2018
  • Technical Info
    Photographed and filmed with Nikon & Fuji cameras
  • Moving Link

„The Prostitutes and the Priest" tells the story women and girls in Namibia, who have to sell their bodies in order to survive, and the priest Father Hermann Klein-Hipass who has made it his personal mission to help them. Sex work is very dangerous in Namibia, the women face a high risk of infecting themselves with HIV and STDs, get beaten up, raped or killed. Father Hermann is the only one who is helping us“ says Samantha, one of the protagonist. The multimedia story, which combines video, interviews and photographs was started 2008 and completed in 2018, after Father Hermann passed away.

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