Color Fantasies

CompanyPanama Foto
PhotographerDirk Krüll
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

PRODUCER: Stephanie Wirth GRAPHICS: Lutz Menze Design DIGITAL EDITING: Digital ArtCore CLIENT: Standox / DuPont A calendar for the company Standox, a manufacturer of automotive refinishing paints based in Wuppertal, Germany. For this project, we researched some of the interesting names for colors that the manufacturers had invented, both old and new, and then created images based on them. Here, we’ve illustrated the color Wildlife Green. // Here, we’ve illustrated the color Meteorite Silver. // Here, we’ve illustrated the color Mars Red.

About Photographer

Born at the 10.21.1958 in Düs¬sel¬dorf/Germany Grown up in the „Rheinland“/Germany Since 02.00. living in Haan Working in Düs¬sel¬dorf Apprentice for a photographer in D´dorf; Art-School study in Ham¬burg Finishing as graduate designer in Es¬sen (94) Since 88 freelance-photographer Re¬por¬ta¬ges in: Geo, FAZ Ma¬ga¬zin, NYT Ma¬ga¬zin, Ti¬mes Ma¬ga¬zin, Zeit¬ma¬ga¬zin, Sports, Spie¬gel. Stern, Fo¬cus, Tem¬po, Max, ADAC- + Spie¬gel-Spec., Art... Free projects to the themes: Squatting actions and other fights (81-83); GI´s in Germany (88-89); technical monuments in the former GDR (90-91); The former combines (91-93); workers housing estates in the Ruhr coal basin (97); Discount-Fashion (01); The times of Bonn (03-04) Laureate of Stern-Jour¬na¬li¬st Award, Ko¬dak Junior Award, „Wis¬sen¬schaft-Vi¬suell“ Report Award 01, Scholarship of the „VG Bild-Kunst“ 04 Different exhibitions e.g. in the House of German History (Berlin 98), the „Gro¬pi¬us¬bau“ in Ber¬lin („50 Jah¬re BRD“, May 99) Appointment in the "DGPH" society in Cologne (94); Member of the photographers agency: "Laif" ( in Cologne (96)