PhotographerJan Niemeijer
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVeendam, Netherlands
Photo Date03-01-2011
About Photographer

Jan Niemeijer born 1963 in Veendam (a Town in the North of Holland) began photographing just 5 years ago. Jan started photographing after a fotoshoot made for his firm didn´t meet his views. So Jan decided to do it himself. After studying the technical side of photographing he started with model- and nature photoshoots. But after one year of practice and shooting on locations Jan made more and more pictures as he had in mind and rnartists saw the real great work of Jan and told him to show his work to the public. At the moment Jan makes photoshoots on many different locations. Locations found by Jan himself and which fully meet his ideas. Now Jan wants to show his work to the general public.