PhotographerNarayanachar Murali
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A woman walking alone; walking fearlessly, confidently, unescorted, dressed in a way she chooses. The subject is small, yet the center of the composition..The vast free, pristine world surrounds her.


Muslim women are traditionally featured as submissive, downtrodden, leading miserable lives in closed communities. In my recent travel to Bangalore India's famous Lalbagh .. I was fascinated by the confident, powerful, fearless gait of this young burqa clad woman. At 6;30 AM, just after daybreak, she had the power to leave home alone, walk unescorted, feeling safe in a park. This photo speaks volumes for the woman and the democratic country in which she lives. I choose to make her image small, yet central to the photo to show the importance of any woman in that vast society. What a great country!

About Photographer

I am interested in studying human behavior in uncontrolled settings in different countries/cultures. Pictures of people doing their daily jobs tells a lot about their habitat, their freedom and their nation. A picture is often more than a lengthy essay