Entry Title: "Freedom!"
Name: Narayanachar Murali , United States
Category and Expertise: Photo Essay and Feature Story|Deeper Perspective, Non-Professional

Entry Description: A woman walking alone; walking fearlessly, confidently, unescorted, dressed in a way she chooses. The subject is small, yet the center of the composition..The vast free, pristine world surrounds her.

Story: Muslim women are traditionally featured as submissive, downtrodden, leading miserable lives in closed communities. In my recent travel to Bangalore India's famous Lalbagh .. I was fascinated by the confident, powerful, fearless gait of this young burqa clad woman. At 6;30 AM, just after daybreak, she had the power to leave home alone, walk unescorted, feeling safe in a park. This photo speaks volumes for the woman and the democratic country in which she lives. I choose to make her image small, yet central to the photo to show the importance of any woman in that vast society. What a great country!

About the Artist:

I am interested in studying human behavior in uncontrolled settings in different countries/cultures. Pictures of people doing their daily jobs tells a lot about their habitat, their freedom and their nation. A picture is often more than a lengthy essay