Hipstabird Series

PhotographerKaren Divine
Entry Description

The Hipstabird Series is a combination of my digital photos, emulsion slide transfers and images taken with the “hipstamatic” app on the iphone. This body of work represents the relevance between one’s ordinary experiences, one’s spirit and the source that connects us all. I relish the contemplative, those things that nurture an introspective insight into who we are. In this series the chicken and the seagull have become metaphors for this journey. In folklore, the chicken represents a transitional animal, one poised on the threshold of change. They awake each day knowing to look for the light. The seagull is a survivor and are shore birds and seldom venture far from land. Seashores are places of great mystery and magic, a unique combination of both land and sea. The seagull symbolizes how to effectively live in both dimensions.