PhotographerPaulo Monteiro
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyPaulo Monteiro
City/CountryRibeira Grande, Portugal
Photo Date2010
Entry Description

Dogs, with their proud posture, and goats, with their comic look, seem to be creatures with high visual appeal. The idea of asymmetric compositions came to me while I was observing my contact sheets. There I had found a way of intensifying the enigma that the animal represents. From this moment on, every time I photograph those animals, I am always careful to find the frameouts and the light that better enhances the creation of the asymmetric compositions. Afterwords, while working in the darkroom, I try to preserve the original shapes. All this work is improved on the computer, when I proceed to the assembly of the elements of composition.

About Photographer

I was born on the 28th of June, 1963, in S. Miguel, Azores, where I currently live and work. I am a photographer since 1985. I have developed long term projects about various subjects, such as popular religiosity, profane festivities, architecture, landscape, Nature, or the world of work. My photos has been displayed in Portugal and abroad. My work has been recognized by the International Photography Awards.