Entry Title: "Aesthetic Judgment"
Name: Sanaz Jamloo , United States
Category and Expertise: Flowers, Student

Entry Description: According to Immanuel Kant and his notion of aesthetic judgments, beautiful objects appear to be ‘purposive without purpose’ (sometimes translated as ‘final without end’). An object’s purpose is the concept according to which it was made, an object is purposive if it appears to have such a purpose; if, in other words, it appears to have been made or designed. But it is part of the experience of beautiful objects, Kant argues, that they should affect us as if they had a purpose, although no particular purpose can be found. This project is a journey into beauty of flowers to identify the major features of aesthetic judgments of Kant, to ask the question of how such judgments are possible, and are such judgments in any way valid and are they really universal and necessary.

About the Artist:

Born in Iran. MFA Photography student in Academy of Art University in San Francisco.