Chardin (Dead Paintings)

PhotographerHelene EPAUD
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVincennes, France
Photo Datejune 2010
Technical Infodigital reflex
Entry Description

this picture belongs to a series of 10 called "Dead Paintings". for centuries, paintings by the masters of colours have subjugated amateurs, ensnaring them voluptuously into their quicksand universe. I am one of those museum goers who remain hypnotised for hours on end by the swirls of light and colour; and that is precisely what I tried to emulate- however modest my photographic means. The material presence of fabric and its shadows, objects, still "life", scarves, all allow me to reproduce, as much as possible in a world ruled by the word of Light, the solid colours as well as the brushstrokes on the canvas. my aim was to transcribe in photography the aesthetic emotion I feel when looking at paintings: this art form's fundamental alchemy is changing vision into touch, rendering carnations with sublime hues, overwhelming the spectator in textures, seizing the entire conscience .

About Photographer

Born in 1977, Hélène Epaud successively failed to become an astronaut, a ballerina, a poet, a high-ranking official, an oriental dancer, a philosophy scholar, a witch, a translator of Averroes’ works, a yellow-belt Martial Artist and production assistant as a permanent intern. After having arduously studied for 10 years in a number of MPPs (Meccas of Parisian Prestige) – of which eight straight years were also spent on a Freudian couch where she could finally find some sleep, her nights being devoted to the methodic emptying of a videotape library– she finally decided to reverse her schedule: see/make images during the day and read during the night. Thankfully, she has at least managed to learn fast reading techniques, which means she lives and sleeps in Vincennes with an anxious misanthrope, an agitated fetus, and a host of small rodents that all live on MPN (Minimum Pet Nosh). Distinctive traits: Pronounced disgust for cassoulet, soccer and diet ads. Total worship of Balzac, champagne and any Canon-brand product. Regularly gets high on Tetenal developer vapors. Cosmic goal in life: to succeed in baking a cheesecake as good as Veselka’s.