Photographerlinda terranova
PrizeHonorable Mention

children offer many challenges on a daily basis. I felt this was a great example of multitasking with an inquisitive 7 year in tow. I really did not plan on this shot. It was just perfect timing with the mirror, the hair dryer and the investigative approach my son took as he sat under the hair dryer beside me. Of course when he turned around thats when i took the shot. I actually have another shot of him picking his nose as he sat there with nothing better to do. !! but this shot was my favorite.

About Photographer

I started photography as a hobby.. sunsets and landscapes. I found that people were more compelling subjects to work with. I normally use my nikon d3 and nikon d700 as backup. I now shoot weddings.. I love the wedding cake. The emotion on a wedding day takes my breath away. I like documenting subjects during the wedding day with out interuption on my part.