Papunya Hill, Northern Territory

PhotographerRowiina Howard
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAlbury, Australia
Photo Date13/4/2011
Technical InfoCanon 400D, 800 ISO, 1/100, F4
About Photographer

Photographique-Noire emerged from the red, inky shroud of the darkroom in Melbourne 2005. Beginning from these remorseless, often frustrating roots ensured the development of an eye for perfection, as well as the appreciation for compostion, shadow & contrast. With these studio images came influences from artists such as Joel Peter-Witkin, Floria Sigismondi & David Lynch. The progression into colour photography in 2006 came with the transformation into digial photography. Simplicity remained, but often combined with the use of stark colour. 2007 saw a move to location photography, later progressing into the beginning of the 'Beautiful Dead Girls' series. Photographique-Noire is currently working on producing the Dead Girls book; as well as combining skills & ideas with David White Photography in the creation of an 'Antique Polaroid' exhibition.