PhotographerKrzysztof Strzoda
PrizeHonorable Mention
About Photographer

Krzysztof Strzoda was born and lives in Katowice (Poland). FIAP Photographer (AFIAP), member of Association of Authors Polish Republic’s Photoclub (AFRP), member of Fotoferia Club, works as engineer. His works have been awarded in many photography competitions including International Photography Awards IPA, German International DVF-Photocup, International Salon of Artistic Photography Pokrowa, Mountain Landscape, Panorama of My Country, International Loupe Awards. He took part in many exhibitions all over the world. Creates images, mostly mountain landscapes, but in his work can also be found cities, water, people and animals. Black-and-white photography is his favourite medium, where he has the full influence in creative process of image. He travels and looks for places, where he can create his images.