Tortured Oaks

PhotographerErin McGuire
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyWest Mojave Photography
City/CountryPalmdale, United States
Photo DateFebruary/March 2011
Technical InfoImpossible Project Film
Entry Description

As a symbol of the human psyche, these oak trees, struggling to survive in harsh desert conditions, represent my own struggle to survive as a photographer in a downturn economy. I chose to use Impossible Project film not only for aesthetics, but also because I believe that this young company represents hope for the future of photography and it is hope for a better future that keeps me shooting.

About Photographer

I am a student photographer who has only just begun the journey into photography. I have a passion for shooting the many abandoned homes in the area, as well as creating abstract images. I prefer black and white in most cases as it reveals the truth in the beauty of what shoot by removing the distraction of color.