Nudes, morning

PhotographerDennis Hodges
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBudapest, Hungary
Photo DateJuly 2010
Technical InfoDiana camera, 120 film
Entry Description

Early morning light streaming in through the blinds presented an opportunity to capture unique nude studies.

About Photographer

I borrowed Mom’s twin lens reflex when I was 8 and my father taught me the essentials of composition. In college I was fortunate to become a student and friend of the gifted photographer Howard Stephens who expanded my technique into different processes, opening the box and inviting me to play outside of it. Panicked after graduation, I chose a path of office work with photography relegated to being a creative release. Within the past few years, it has taken its proper place as the center of my activity. As I continue to grow, I continue to experiment with the tools I have available as well as moving my art from individual images to series, telling stories along the way.