Childhood Loneliness

PhotographerKaren Strolia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Rafael, United States
Photo DateSept 2010
Technical Infomedium format
About Photographer

"Fascinated by human nature and the environment in which it exists, Karen Strolia manages to do with her photography the same as she does with people; bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary. Looking through her galleries will open your eyes to the little wonders that you have always been surrounded by but somehow completely missed out on, until now. With sincerity she captures nature and people in all their moods, utilizing a strong sense of design and light to bring forth imagery worthy of the memories it freezes in a frame. Mastering both the digital and analog medium, Karen's collection of photographs retains a feel of timelessness, offering its viewer present day scenes transformed into something from decades past, as well as, images in a contemporary style. Her art graces the walls of local coffee shops, galleries and the homes of individuals around the Bay Area. "