CompanyGianluca Gamberini
PhotographerGianluca Gamberini
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Beauduc is the hardest to find and the best – 28 km/17.4 miles of natural, wild white sand beach. A perfect example of spontaneous architectures, a shambling assortment of illegal fishermen’s shacks, caravans and trailers at the end of a track. Half of them were destroyed 2 years ago by the French Government. The continuous adaptation to the features of the natural site is a characteristic shared by all the cultures around the Mediterranean basin. Every culture lives and is defined by an ongoing dialogue with the natural environment which psychologically affects mankind. In fact, since different landscapes correspond to different geographical areas, we can say that different landscapes give rise to different human reactions. in the so-called marginal places it is material reality – the built environment – and life – meant as culture, behaviour and moods – that still portray a more truthful and synchronous vision of the man-environment relationship.