The Weary Ones

PhotographerKah Hoe Wan
PrizeHonorable Mention

During my senior year at collage I had a dilemma in choosing my career path. It was between becoming a communication designer or a photographer. I set out to do both to let the universe set its own course. All I knew was that I wanted to make a difference. So as I was designing, my camera would be by my side everywhere I went. This went on for months. One evening I went through my archive and notice I have amounted to a collection of certain people. I was witnessing the career choices others took on. The different uniforms that colored their individuality, to their surrounding environment that encloses them to make means of support. To the presence of soiled hands; evidence of a days work. Although their faces were wearied their expressions was fill with energy. I stared their faces as they stared back. Juggernaut came crashing; an intimate warmness down to my stomach. They are beautiful and beauty is when it hits the gut. And although these are strangers, I have connected with them. I have put myself into their position and wonder about my future. I thought about family, love, money, death and what do I want to become before my time has come. How do I want to be remember as? The Weary Ones has concepts and themes that is unwritten. The above paragraph only reflects the 5 images and is a fraction of the deeper perspective I am conveying. For full series: