PhotographerIndra Moonen
Entry Description

Based on Piet Mondriaan's triptych "Evolution" only my thoughts behind the work are quite the opposite. I don’t believe in human kind being able to act as a spiritual society as a whole. We become too polluted by money and power. It is my belief that one day this will cause the ruin of mankind as we know it.

About Photographer

Indra Moonen was born in 1983 and took up photography almost 8 years ago when she started her photographic studies at Syntra Hasselt, Belgium. Last year she graduated in the Specialisation Grade of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts, also in Hasselt. After her study she started working with the Wet Plate Collodion process. Currently she lives and works in Maastricht where she's fully concentrating on making wet plates and wants to expand her knowledge in alternative photographic processes.