PhotographerChong Kok Yew
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia
Photo Date2011
Entry Description

It’s easier to find thousand year old trees on a mountain than to come across a real Centenarian in this world.It all started from a simple idea: Celebrating the 100th founding year of the Republic of China, by photographing Taiwan’s centenarians. But in the process of visiting, talking, and taking photos, came with new thoughts and profound understandings.Living to a hundred is definitely an affirmation to one’s health, but having just health does not mean being healthy.Longevity is a blessing, but being a centenarian is also is a form of isolation.You can clearly see a rich history, vicissitudes of life, and loneliness, but you can also find a strong willpower, and enthusiasm for life.I chose to use black and white photographs as my means to record the faces of these centenarians. And these silent images will realistically tell the stories behind these faces.