Winding Creek

PhotographerTom Suhler
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAustin, United States
Photo DateSummer 2010
Entry Description

My work on motion and light with dancers shot in Winding Creek Texas at night.

About Photographer

I strive to create a statement that on the surface is first, engagingly beautiful but also reveals deeper layers of mystery, grace and story that the viewer can imagine with emotions and intellect. Beauty performs a dual role acting as physical and expressive elements. Nudity expresses openness, honesty, vulnerability and freedom. The environment appears simple, yet mysterious. Viewers are presented with a single frame from an event which may contain protagonist and antagonist, forms with tension or synchronicity, character struggles and archetypal figures from which the viewer is encouraged to imagine their own story. My creative process includes shaping real environments for myself and the dancers to explore and engage, making digital manipulation of my images unnecessary.