PhotographerMaciej Grzegorzek
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrybaligrod, Poland
About Photographer

I started to get acquainted with the fascinating world of photography as a small boy. My father – a veterinary surgeon – gave me a photo camera as a present on my 5th birthday, so as to encourage me to look in my own way on the gray world of -the then still communist- Poland. In the 80-ties photography was an exclusive field of art, but at the same time more magical. I cannot forget those great emotions when I waited for the effects of the photo-chemical process. My first photo task, dedicated to my father as a token of gratitude for the wonderful present was a reportage. Everybody liked my photos which monitored the work of a vet during a cesarean delivery of a sheep – unfortunately those photos were destroyed when our house burned down, but the photo passion remained and till date is a sphere of life reflecting its ups and owns and thanks to it new pictures have been and are being created. Bieszczady have always been the most beautiful inspiration to me. The mountains in which I was born and still live in till today. In spite of the fact that my photographic activities reach out far beyond this region, they will always reflect the Bieszczadian inspiration and passion born from the emotional bond with this land. For over 20 years I have been granted prizes and awards in Polish and foreign photo-contests. The most recent ones being : Lucy Awards, European Photographer of the Year GDT, Al Thani Award, TrierenbergSpecial Themes Circuit and others. At present I am working on the realization of my greatest dream, which is to publish my first photo album being a collection of my best photographs. Please feel invited to the webpage promoting the album: