Fruit Attributes

PhotographerSarah Murray
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerlin , United States
Photo Date2/22/2011
Technical InfoNikon D80
Entry Description

While eating in a cafe with my cousin, I noticed she had a strange orange. It was purple, red, and yellow. It was a blood orange. I held it up to the light outside and became even more fascinated by this beautiful fruit. I didn’t even want to eat it. I just wanted to keep it safe because its colors were so marvelous. This series was inspired by that blood orange. And so the mission began. I was to reveal the beautiful art behind our fruit. Using just a small flash light to expose the fruit I brought out their finest traits.

About Photographer

My Name is Sarah Murray. I am 21 years old and I grew up in the small town of Berlin Maryland. I didn't discover my true passion for photography until the end of high school and the beginning of college. But I will say that since I was little I have always looked at things from a much different perspective than others. Besides photography, traveling is my second passion. I am blessed to be able to do both things I love at the same time. So many people walk through life without taking the time to enjoy it. Just a few years ago I was one of them. I was going to school for something I thought would be good for my future finances. After taking a photography course in Greece over the summer, I came back with a new path. This time something inside me felt right. Although the road ahead was going to be long I decided to re route my college degree to photography. Three years later and I am almost done. Although I cant be guaranteed riches, I am certain I will be enjoying the only life I was given. And I am okay with that.