CompanyG.C. Rebus
PhotographerGregorio Carlo Rebus
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A self-portrait, in a way.

About Photographer

Involved with photography non-professionally since 1988. Recent recognition includes an Honourable Mention at the International Photography Awards 2009 (Los Angeles) and three more in the following year (IPA 2010), as well as six Official Selections at the Prix de Paris de la Photographie 2011. The solo exhibition Soundings (2008) was also well received. Early courses and studies involved 35mm black and white, including development and printing (Leica M2 / Durst M605), but also cibachrome. Wary of the digital revolution at first, by 2001 had moved to adopting the typical hybrid analogue-digital approach with scanned transparencies; finally making the full transition to digital relatively late, in 2006.