Entry Title: "Phnom Penh, Cambodia"
Name: Michael Rabonza , Netherlands
Category and Expertise: Photo Essay and Feature Story, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Choek Boen, arrives with her two year old son to a village bank meeting where she can avail of small loans - around $200 to be paid back over a year. Theses loans, which are often unsecured, are known as microfinance and they provide women like Boen the resources they would have otherwise not received from larger banks to help grow their small businesses, and support their families.

About the Artist:

M. Rabonza (b. 1978, Manila) was raised in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. After a decade working in public policy, investment banking and development finance across Asia, North America, West Africa and Europe, M.Rabonza turned to photography in the fall of 2009 to document how he’s come to see the world: filled with light, passion & colour. Now based in Amsterdam, M. Rabonza works in the impact investment industry, helping to provide funding for micro and small business owners in emerging & frontier countries. | www.colouringpaper.com