Aftermath- A Force of nature

CompanyWhitewall Studios
PhotographerRemo Camerota
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Up to one month after the hits the Japan coastline, these haunting images from Tohoku are a constant reminder of the force and power of nature. Ships are carried across land and deposited outside train stations and onto road and house, vehicles pile up in a mass grave of burnt out twisted metal and houses lay in ruins for as far as the eye can see.


Tohoku Japan 2011, aftermath from the Earthquake that shocked the nation of Japan and the world. Officially named the Great East Japan Earthquake a 9 level magnitude mega-thrust earthquake hits just off the coast of North East Japan creating a 37.5 meter Tsunami. The quake is the most powerful to ever hit Japan and the fifth most powerful in the world. The quake lasts for 5 - 8 minutes followed by a huge wave 10 - 15 minutes later, engulfing everything in its path. The Japanese government estimates the material damage from the quake and tsunami alone could top $300 billion, making it by far the world’s most costly disaster.The Japanese National Police Agency has confirmed 14,358 deaths,5,314 injured, and 11,889 people missing across eighteen prefectures. Over 125 000 houses and buildings are totally burnt out, washed away, or torn to pieces. Tohoku residents are now rebuilding the area, which will take years to recover from the disaster.

About Photographer

Remo Camerota of Whitewall Studios has a genuine commitment to evolving the creative process. Remo works across disciplines and is committed to exploring new ways of expressing political and social views in a compelling visual style. Bringing a diverse range of skills for both new media and printed mediums, including illustration, photography, multimedia, film/video and interactive design, Remos’ work reflects an ever changing growth in art and community.