Photographerrinaldo donati
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

1) navio na baia: Spectre International Affairs 2) subi ladeira nas carreiras: escaping from myself 3) uma ipanema: a dark afternoon in Rio 4) te reza: lush life 5) the crab: living from what violated nature still offers


RIONOIR The Carioca metropolis is "noir", even in its name. The color is clear and sharp and it seduces me. Rio is a lady: prey and predator. All the decades from the 30’s to the 70’s are running through, corroding her, never vanishing. Wrapped in the tijucano astrakhan of mata atlantica, she looks out on the water, enveloped in a joyful samba. The sidewalks are black and white, like the skin of the people drifting along them. Rio isn't a background for events, rather it plays a part in them pulsing with the people who live through it. The life of a single homo urbanus pulsates in a convulsive metropolitan rhythm and together they become a more direct expressive framework, a single entity. It’s the screen of a cinema printed by life and my camera goes crazy.

About Photographer

RINALDO DONATI sound & vision walker • His journey is a crossroads that touches on Brazilian music and Jazz, tribal sounds and electronica and the suggestiveness of dance and the visual arts.  With the "salgarian" soul of an explorer, his music and images combine refined impressionism and an innate taste for space.