Doctor clown in Addis Ababa 2

PhotographerMaurizio Landriscina
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMilano, Italy
Photo Datedec 2010
Entry Description

A quick make up, a colorful gown and a sock worn like a glove. It looks like the description of actors who have come on the scene, however, are the boys of Fekat Circus, a circus born in Addis Ababa cooperative project by the NGO CIAI (Italian centre for aid to children) for the recovery of street children. To these guys, that were street children, were given the opportunity to get out of the street by learning a trade. Through a challenging circus training they become artists, jugglers and clowns. In turn, they themselves have become a positive model for other children and teach them all these activities. In recent years, four times a week, these guys drive the pediatric ward of the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa: they became doctor clown. Children know that they will reach and they can’t wait. The impact of medicine smile on their mood and their diseases has extraordinary results. In the pediatric ward of the Ethiopian hospital through clowning, artistic, creative and educational activities has demonstrated the improvement of physical and psychological health of children, their emotional wellness and also that of their families. The emotional impact on children is very positive. Parents participate willingly: is a moment in which they get distracted by the illness of their children. In the hospital each year about 100 thousand children are hospitalized, some in long-term care. CIAI prepare the classroom to guarantee their right to education and help to maintain a sense of commonness. The project is also made possible thanks to the contribution of the “Alta Mane” Foundation.