Napoleon shall not pass the Palmerston Follies.

Photographerphilip woolway
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrygosport, United Kingdom
Photo Date2011
Entry Description

Remnants of Defence Within a few miles of my home lie former glories that nearly 200 years ago stood as bastions to defend our shores, now there is dereliction. I, like others pass such places every day oblivious to the nearby and the overly familiar surroundings until a voice enquires, “What is in there?”, you pause and answer, “Not really that sure”, the seed is sown to discover more. My photographic project attempts to discover what is behind the walls of these magnificent fortresses dubbed Palmerston Follies and offer clues of their glorious past.

About Photographer

Mr. A "This bio doesn't tell us anything about him at all". Mr. B “Indeed. Nothing about his fine art or photographic qualifications or even his degree". Mr. A "Exactly. So how am I supposed to know whether his work is any good?" Mr. B "I heard that he spent a successful period studying at Bath but perhaps he wishes that you judge his work on its merits and not upon his education. After all, if his work does not engage you then he may well feel that he has failed". Mr. A "Hmm!". Mr. B "I do believe he resides in Hampshire and that he has studied photography from the days of film but was an early adopter of the digital medium because of its greater scope in offering freedom for experimentation. I also understand that he prefers to pursue his studies as projects". Mr. A "Projects. What projects?" Mr. B "Well, he did complete a project on The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. Capturing the 150 year old Victorian theatre in a new perspective was a unique challenge and one which he achieved to wide acclaim”. “His recent solo exhibition in Portsmouth also attracted a wide-ranging and appreciative audience but this time it featured work from two of his other projects, 'Where can you buy?', a portfolio documenting the sad decline of traditional 'junk shops' and "Where on earth", a portfolio featuring spectacular and highly detailed 360 degree spheroids on a wide range of subject matter including fun fairs, cemeteries and shopping centres." Mr. A "Interesting! What else do you know?" Mr. B "His work has been viewed throughout England and Wales in both open Art and Photographic exhibitions with some pieces even being used in a World wide advertising campaign by Korg, USA.” Mr. A "And what is he doing now?" Mr. B "Apparently still continuing existing projects as well as being actively engaged in a totally different style of project from previous ones. It seems he would prefer not to be pigeon holed". Mr. A "You say that but he does remind me of someone else I saw at an exhibition recently; Philip some one or other" Mr. B "Woolway?" Mr. A "Yes, that's him. Anyway who is this chap?" Mr. B "Hmm-mm. Tea?" Mr. A "Not for me just at the moment. I think I would like to look again at these photos. Hmm, very interesting".