Entry Title: "Eagle"
Name: Krzysztof Ligeza , Poland
Category and Expertise: Trees, Non-Professional

Entry Description: This tree is called "The Eagle". The person who named this tree was right - it is an eagle, not a tree.

About the Artist:

Graduate of Polish studies (literature). Independent photographer and educator. His main interest, regardless chosen genre and aesthetics, is relation between man and nature. It is interesting to him that the human sees the space in a manner perhaps not available to other beings. This special ability is inseparably related with noticing the extraordinary dimension of reality. Human desire to explore its relationship with such a reality creates the notion of symbolic space: separated and manifesting some power. That sphere in some cases used to be called very generally and shortly: sacred. He is mostly interested in landscape as a subject matter but does not avoid any other -scapes as well as, so called, documentary photography.