PhotographerYasuteru Kasano
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The image produced by the machine that is a camera is an aggregate of things that actually exist, and my mind always goes back to the idea of recording of facts as for the maximum role of the photography. My consistent theme from such an idea is "Record of the Cityscape”. Especially I am interested in the shape of people in the street, the combination of the buildings, the play of light and shadow and the coexistence of plants, small animals and people etc. If the age and the place are different, some of these might be the same, but others might give us an unexpected discovery. It would be difficult to look at a daily life. But when I get a chance to review a daily life by taking photographs, I get an indescribably refreshing feeling. In addition if the person who sees my photos gets such feeling by chance too, I would be so happy myself.

About Photographer

2003 Graduated from Waseda University, Science and Engineering 2003-2005 Lived in NY. Took the classes in ICP (International Center of Photography) 2005- Living in Japan Awards 2011 6th Black & White Spider Awards 1st Place - Outstanding Achievement in Still Life 2010 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) Honorable Mention 2010 Black & White Spider Awards Nominees in Nature and Still Life 2008 B&W Spider Awards, Nominees, UK 2008 IPA (International Photography Awards), Honorable Mentions, USA 2006 International B&W Spider Awards Nominees, UK Solo Exhibition 2007 ”One Day" at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, Tokyo Group Exhibition 2012 The Art of Photography Show 2009 Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo 2008 Gallery Tantotempo, Kobe