Philosophy of unfreedom

PhotographerKaterina Lomonosov
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

At first this photograph is simply gives an impression of prisoned child staring outside from the “cage”. But I put also a hidden meaning here. Pay attention to the child’s hands. Look how hard he clings to his “cage”. How often we, being unfree in the literal or figurative meaning of this word, are afraid to loose our “cage”, fear to make changes in our lives, and feel comfortable in our unfreedom, though not always admit it?

About Photographer

I was born in 1975, in Ukraine. As a child I liked drawing and graphics. In 1997 I moved to Israel, where I live now. From the year 2000 I worked as a graphic-designer in an advertisement company. I got interested in photography back in 2005. It so happened that at that time a certain kind of emptiness appeared in my life. I wanted to fill that emptiness with something interesting, beautiful, bright... That "something" turned out to be photography... I grow and evolve with every new work. I'm a painter; I live, think and feel with my creations... Creative photography has become a crucial part of my life... Without being excessively modest, I can say that as an artist and photographer I am able to convey the beauty of a person and his inner world in a way that few others are capable.