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PhotographerNatasha Shulte
Entry Description

The project is built on research of inner world of an abandoned child. This project uses pair pictures, these pictures investigate a side of reality in the life of children abandoned by their parents and ask questions: is there any reality for those who since their childhood have not had the most valuable thing in life - homes and families?! What values are priorities for this child? And how material form influences what such child feels? On one pair of photos, the children were photographed in their usual orphanage clothes, on the second photo the image of cleanliness and innocence has been formed. But there are things that unite these two different images and only the viewer himself should want to understand it. One of photos I stay alone, very deep sense I put in it. Main purpose of the project is to pay the public’s attention to the problems of children without families.

About Photographer

First I was engaged in fashion and advertising photography, but in my life there were the events which changed my attitude to many issues. For this reason, since 2009 I have completely devoted myself to social projects.