Unity - Float into nature

PhotographerLaila Pregizer
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Within the project "Metamorphoses" of Schmida and Pregizer (photographers) and Dusterwald and Gene (bodypainters), where humans where integrated in different scenic landscapes by their body pose and artistic bodypainting, Laila Pregizer liked to choose deeper perspectives, because of her love for different perspectives and play with the gradient of sharpness


Most times the separative aspects between humans and nature are in the spotlight. This series want to show humans in a unity with nature as if they float into the landscape. (Its done with photography and bodypainting, no computer manipulation (only sometimes retouching the panty)). Als models where painted and photographed right there in the landscape.

About Photographer

Laila Pregizer was born in 1981 near Cologne. Some years after settlling to Braunschweig (in Germany) she bought her first analog SLR. Since this beginning of a new love (love of being creative with photography) 6 years ago, she photographs people and details with passion (analog and digital). Her portraits tell little storys of human abysm, ease or desires. Her details show her love for particular perspectives. Both is joined in her special "metamorphoses", a project of her and Uwe Schmida (both photographers) and Joerg Duesterwald and Leonie Gene (both Bodypainters). Humans are integrated in different scenic landscapes by their body pose and artistic bodypainting. The bodies nearly flow into nature - only with photography and bodypainting, without any computer composing.