Portrait by Wallet

PhotographerChak Lui CHAN
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Photo Date2011
Entry Description

We usually judge people by appearance. Yet you’ll see more from small “things”, like personal belongings. In this series, I choose instant film as medium for its imperfectness and uniqueness. The image is not sharp. Exposure and color temperature is often inaccurate. With the wrinkle and blot occurred during emulsion transfer, you just can’t get a flawless image. But who’s perfect? It is my expression of oriental aesthetics, "Mono no aware" (the pathos of things and awareness of impermanence). The emptiness of each piece is inspired by Chinese reciprocal aesthetics of void and solid. They reflect imperfectness and perfectness. Void is also a space for imagination. And the pictures completes with my seal carving. For this series, I work with the vintage camera, Polaroid ProPack.

About Photographer

Born and grew up in Hong Kong, Chan Chak-lui owns a multidisciplinary background and holds a Dip. in Design, a BSocSc (Hons) degree in Communication (majoring in Cinema & Television), and a MA degree in Cultural Management. He is an arts & media professional with extensive working experience in media, internet and event management. Started his career as TV assistant producer and creative writer, Chan is now working as arts administrator of organizing and promoting arts & cultural events. With years of board experience across different spheres, as an award-winning artist, Chan was invited to be the Art Gallery Committee Member in SIGGRAPH Asia 2011, the world-renowned new media & digital arts event, and was appointed as the Art Gallery & Art Paper Juror in SIGGRAPH Asia 2013. Contact: chanmax@gmail.com