Russian Adventures

CompanyNew Sue Productions Ltd
PhotographerSue Flood
Prize2nd Place in Special / Travel/Tourism
Entry Description

I took this series of photographs in the Russian Arctic, when travelling as on tourist trips to Franz Josef Land and Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands. The dramatic light made for a stunning trip.

About Photographer

Sue Flood is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer and author who has been working in the Polar regions since 1998, although her work increasingly takes her to warmer climes to thaw out. Sue spent 11 years with the world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to work with her childhood (and adult!) hero Sir David Attenborough. Sue worked on series including The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, as well as the Disneynature movie Earth, before leaving the BBC in 2005 to concentrate on her photography. She also produced a number of BBC wildlife documentaries on killer whales, polar bears and the Inuit of the Canadian high Arctic Sue’s adventures on more than 30 trips to the Arctic and Antarctic have taken her from camping at -40°C, living with Inuit hunters on the floe edge, working on Russian icebreakers on trips to the North Pole, to diving with leopard seals in the Antarctic. Sue has also travelled extensively to other parts of the world, from the Russian Far East and Japan to Africa and throughout the South Pacific. Sue is passionate about the use of still and moving images to engage people’s interest in the natural world and regularly lectures on her experiences of wildlife film-making and photography to expedition travel companies, corporate organisations, as well as schools and universities, with the aim of inspiring people to protect the planet. Sue also enjoys guiding for tailor-made wildlife photography trips, including the Antarctic, Costa Rica, Rwanda and Zambia. Sue was delighted to be recognised in this year’s International Photographer of the Year competition, with awards for her book “Cold Places” in the nature book category, and also as runner up for the Travel and Tourism category. Other awards included 2009: International Photographer of the Year – Travel and Tourism winner for a portfolio of images from the Ross Sea, Antarctica; 2008: the Art Wolfe (Best of Festival) Award in the International Conservation Photography Awards; Royal Photographic Society Silver Medal. Sue lives in North Wales, though she is often to be found in some far-flung location. She is represented by Getty Images.