Hunger for Study

PhotographerHirotaka Tanaka
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryFukuchiyama, Japan
Photo DateJune 2010
Technical InfoNikon F3
Entry Description

In a town of Bagamoyo, one of the poorest town in Tanzania, there was a shop where little children gather and study English in a disorganized manner. After some time, I found same children listening carefully and participating actively in small English lecture given by English native speakers. Thank to the foreign aid, they got a small open space next to the shop and got big enough space to hold lessons. Now that there is a proper place to study even at open space, I hope their hunger for study is satisfied and look for the future.

About Photographer

I was born and raised in Japan and left for Britain when I was 18 to pursue my academic interest that eventually had me stay in mid-England for 4 years. I majored International Relations with Spanish for my Bachelor. After staying in Rome, Italy for about a year right after Uni graduation to study Italian language and Italian wine, I finally went back to Japan to start my career as an interpreter. Having worked for 7 years in japan, I decided to put my foot in the field of international cooperation, and my first choice was to join Japanese governmental organization called JICA as an oversea volunteer in 2008 and this was the point where I actually started taking photos in Africa. Eventually I spent 2 years working for Tanzanian government followed by ongoing working experience in S. Sudan as a NGO field coordinator for humanitarian project. Currently I work in S. Sudan and also keep taking photos both in Digital and B&W film.