The class of Kibera

PhotographerNicolas Lotsos
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKalivia, Greece
Entry Description

With their ripped clothes, carrying their old crumbling backpacks, walking down the filthy muddy street, heading to their schools with just a huge smile. All the schools looks the same here: Dark, gloomy, with no electricity, crowded with kids of all ages as well as infants, teachers giving lessons and soothing the crying infants. Every school here is an orphanage as well. Kibera is thousands of crowded filthy slums, unpaved roads, scarce power supply, scarce food and lack of clean water supply, inadequate sewage disposal, unbearable smell of rotten food and human waste. The lack of sanitation combined with poor nutrition among residents, accounts for many illnesses and diseases. The conflict of Kibera confines on the clashes between the Kenyan government, which claims ownership of the land on which Kibera stands on, and the residents of Kibera that they claim that the land is theirs and hence the government has no right to demolish their shacks and remove the people from their slums. Among all conflicts arising in the slum, the kids of Kibera have no choice but to try to find their dreams and hopes for the future being better, and despite the long unresolved conflict, and unbearable living conditions kids still wake up every morning get ready and attend school, Many educated people in Kibera struggle to make this happen just to offer the kids of Kibera a good future.