PhotographerAnton Gorbachev
Entry Description

Stairway The island of San Michele, located in the lagoon close to Venice, has been the city's cemetery (cimitero) since the early nineteenth century. This place seems very special to me, so I visited it a few times. Once I found myself in the labyrinth of white columbarium walls and started to study them carefully. Later I noticed that sometimes people who came to their relatives to pay their respects or to communicate with them were using a transportable staircase to reach the upper rows of the columbarium wall. After this, the staircase as a sign got a new significance to me. In the project presented here I was trying to capture the feeling of silence and stillness. Words, established rules could hardly have any meaning there.

About Photographer

Anton Gorbachev Born in Moscow in 1978. Lives and works in Moscow. Independent photographer. Member of the Photounion of Russia. Works are kept in various public and private collections, by such institutions as: Alinari National Museum of Photography, Florence; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Milan; Urban Photography Archive, Venice (AFU). Photography awards and honorable mentions: International Photography Awards 2008, 2011 B&W Single Image Contest 2011 Daily Life. 24 Hours 2011 Masters Cup 2011 Black&White Spider Awards 2010