The Lonely Surfer

PhotographerBryce Evans
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The lonely surfer walks down the rocky coast in search of the perfect wave. The photo represents the sense of calm that a surfer experiences when it is merely himself, his board and the ocean. This is the escape from the hectic twenty-first century life.

About Photographer

Hi, I am Bryce Evans, an up and coming Canadian freelance photographer. Born in 1992, in Edmonton, AB, Canada, I was privileged enough to be able to travel throughout the world while growing up. Being exposed to a wide variety of cultures including Japanese, Australian, American, and Malaysian I developed a desire to learn more about the world outside of Canada. Constantly being set apart from others for thinking differently, my photography has enabled me to share this unique perspective and sense of humour with the world. I am now eighteen and residing in Red Deer, Alberta. Establishing myself as a photographer in April of two thousand ten, I have learned a lot in this time specializing in fine art photography. Over this last year I have built up a portfolio, joined the Central Alberta Photographic Society and won an honorable mention at the Edmonton Photographic Tradeshow photography contest. I love to bring humor into my photography through the images and my choice of titles. The world is full of humorous moments and we can always use a little more laughter. I change my perspective in order to sway the viewer’s thoughts on a photo. In “Ride”, my cousin is wake surfing behind our boat in Sylvan Lake, but by taking the photo just off of water level to hide the horizon I have skewed the reality of the photo. Many of my photos include small details in our surroundings that I feel many people do not notice in the fast paced society in which we live; a few fallen red petals against black rocks on the side of a creek, birds stealing peanuts from an elephant or the way city lights flicker through a layer of trees. Enjoy!