Street children of India

Photographerabhijit nandi
Entry Description

In India I found many children are busy to earn their daily bread. After six decades Indian Government passed the education bill (child between six to fourteen years in this country will be educated by the government free of cost). A good move definitely. But I amazed how government will do that without given them minimum social security. Who earns for their family, travel whole year with their parents for a job. Those have no home or those are orphans reside on the streets of India. Some are language minority in other state. That is the big burning question

About Photographer

After studying film and media studies as subsidiary subjects as an under graduate, Abhijit Nandi went on to do his masters in Bengali language and literature from Jadavpur University. His national and international recognition includes WAN IFRA for Asian Geographic, photographer of the year 2006, WHO photo contest, National Awards 2006, Environmental photographer of the year 2008, Festimage 2008, the Spider Award 2011, to name only a few.