PhotographerKhaled Abdulwahed
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Dubai is well known as an emerging financial hub in the middle east. It has been promoted and advertised as one of the most glamorous business and investment districts in the world. The city has been constantly expanding for two decades, but in the last eight years these expansions have been superabundant. Despite how TVʼs and magazine advertisements depict Dubaiʼs present and future, the people there live in a place that seems neither a construction-site nor developed. Away from the business center, almost every inhabited community or building is adjacent to at least one under-construction site and an empty land waiting to be concreted. From Dubaiʼs inhabitants point of view cranes, huge cement piles, unfinished buildings are a permanent scene in the city-landscape. There, the people live in an unusual time frame; they are in the present but surrounded by the notion of tomorrow.

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Artist based in the USA