PhotographerMoises Levy
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAtellier Estudio
City/CountryMexico, Mexico
Photo Date2011
About Photographer

orn in Mexico City in 1963 and his lived his entire life there, yet there is nothing particularly urban about his work. Not surprisingly, he finds respite from the city’s crowded streets with frequent trips to the sea, in Mexico and abroad. He began his photographic odyssey nearly 10 years ago, when he discovered how to combine his love for nature with his love for aesthetics through landscape imagery. Michael Kenna is, predictably, one of his key influences, but less predictably, so is Andy Warhol. And despite the visual beauty of his work, Levy says he derives his greatest inspiration from conceptual artists that privilege content over form. Yet Moises Levy is among those rare creators who are somehow able to keep the two in perfect balance.