The Forgotten Staircase

PhotographerSuzi Livingstone
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date2007
Technical InfoSilver gelatin print
About Photographer

Suzi Livingstone is a fine art photographer working exclusively with vintage analogue and lo-fi toy cameras. Suzi was born in London, England and spent her early childhood growing up in Sydney, Australia. In her late teens and early 20's she played drums in an all girl punk rock band. Suzi's photographic education began in 2000 when she began taking darkroom classes after feeling the need for another creative outlet. Her first camera - a Pentax K1000 - was built like a tank and virtually indestructible. Her second, a Nikon F501, was so heavy that carrying it around gave her terrible backache. Light, plastic, toy cameras seemed like a natural progression. Despite her traditional photographic schooling she quickly realised she did not place a huge importance on focus and sharpness, and so began modifying her cheap cameras with plastic lenses to create soft, dreamy visuals. Her images are the evocation of childhood memories, and inspired by fairytales, silent movies and surrealist art.