Marriage in the community

PhotographerVittoria Dussoni
Entry Description

This is a marriage between two members of a religious community in Australia. The bride and groom grew up together within the group and now will move into a small timber house on the group's land. The community restricts the amount of time the children can dedicate to media such as television and radio and children are schooled at home. The community uses the computer only as an aid to business. Also, they look after their land and share work load and responsibility such as their bakery and their restaurant business. The share of work is equal and their assets, including the land and each of the homes belong to the community as a group. I was invited to the wedding and, together with other guests and community members , I took photographs. I was attracted by the group's identifying traits of appearence; like the traditional dresses, the wedding customs and altogether traits of a natural lifestyle void of our modern necessities. The children's ability to sing is without doubt special and, as one elder explained, "since the children don't watch television they have time to learn how to dance, sing and bake cookies".