Entry Title: "Big Time Wrestling"
Name: Michael Limbert , United States
Category and Expertise: Other_ED|Other_P, Non-Professional

Entry Description: International Bigtime Wrestling; Detroit, MI 2009

About the Artist:

Michael Limbert was born May, 1969 in Niles, Michigan, a town famous for being the home of French Paper, Simplicity Patterns, The Dodge Brothers, and Tommy James & The Shondells. In 1992, Michael earned a BA in English with a concentration in Japanese at Kalamazoo College and immediately got sidetracked, becoming an advertising creative at Leo Burnett USA in Chicago. It was there Michael entered the world of automotive photography, shooting open-wheel race cars for Team Penske on the CART and IRL circuits in the US and Canada, as well as directing closed-set sessions. In 2001 Michael self-published Wave, a limited-run book of images from a year’s worth of US travels, and American Tour in 2008 (available for free download). In between subsequent work moves to LA, NYC, Chicago and Detroit, Michael performed in the US and Europe with the band FORTUNE & MALTESE. Currently, he's shooting images of "environmental urban isolation" for himself and future projects.