Entry Title: "Summer Fashion."
Name: Roland Selivanoff , United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Beauty|Fashion, Student

Entry Description: Shot as part of my final major project graduating Diploma in Photography from the Arts University College at Bournemouth. Inspired by mid 50s America, beauty and sun drenched summer evenings.

About the Artist:

Roland Selivanoff. Born in sunny Riga on July 1989. Moved to London at 18. At 20 started photography studies at The Arts University College Bournemouth, GB. Qualifications: Arts University College at Bornemouth. -National Diploma in Photography. 2011 -FdA in Commercial Photography. 2013 Im young ambitious and I love what I do. Always striving towards dazzle, allure and sophistication in my style and approach. Being a competetive perfectionist when it comes to photography, Im buzzing when great styling, location and photography comes together in one directed beautiful creative fusion. Specializing in fashion, beauty and advertising projects. My greatest ambition so far is to shoot a cover for Vogue. At the moment Im enjoying university, my work and the beach. Happily married to photography since 2007