Traditional oil wells Bojonegoro Indonesia

PhotographerJeffrey Bright
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJeffrey Bright
City/CountryBallymote, Ireland
Photo Date25-01-2011
Entry Description

Traditional oil wells in Bojonegoro Indonesia. Bojonegoro is a regency in East Java, Indonesia, about 110 km west of Surabaya. Previously known as a major producer of teak and tobacco, Bojonegoro is the focus of attention in Indonesia as a new oil field has been found in this area. This oil find is the biggest oil discovery in Indonesia in three decades and one of the biggest reserve in Indonesia. This part of Java has had a long association with oil, and the Dutch, Indonesia's former colonial rulers, operated oil fields in the area although never realized the potential of Cepu. Freelance oil men use rickety wooden frames with pulleys, a few still operated by hand, to retrieve oil in wells up to 400 meters (1,300ft) deep. They then heat the oil on wood fires to burn off water. Miners said they could earn from 200,000 rupiah ($20) a day shared between a team of at least three.

About Photographer

Received a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Photography, 2007 Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design & Technology, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Currently I live and work as a freelance photographer in the Republic of Ireland. My main interest is to document social and political issues around the world, particularly within Latin America. Awards recieved: Ellish Killgallen Award: Best Emerging Artist 2005. Royal Hibernian Academy: Thomas Dammann Memorial Trust Award 2007. Eager and available for worldwide assignment.