Entry Title: "Intimate Communications"
Name: Marina Chen , United States
Category and Expertise: Deeper Perspective|Nudes|Other_P, Non-Professional

Entry Description: A new life communicates with the world in an unique and intimate way which only his/her parents would be able to interpretate.

Story: A new life is a miracle. I am always touched by the bonding of a baby and his/her parents. The ways they communicate are unique and intimate which inspire me starting this "Intimate Communications" series.

About the Artist:

Experimenting when shooting, creating when post processing, feeling emotions when presenting are the three main factors of Marina's photography. Although shooting "still" is a way of creating images, she enjoys capturing "motion" which requires unexpected amount of multiple experiments. Her ongoing series include "Poetry of Motions", "Miles Unlimited", "Intimate Communications", and the recent one "Sculpted Melody."